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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 1/17/2022
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Memorial Day 2008 Muscle Beach - Venice Muscle Beach on Memorial Day 2008. Once again Venice Muscle Beach in Southern California was infiltrated with beautiful, fit & sexy female figure models showing up for the competition. There were also male & female bodybuilders for the show. Many vendors sold and promoted their wears as people flocked to crowd at the Muscle Beach Pen. Others strolled along the Venice Boardwalk looking at the Walk of Fame medals. The Armed Forces were represented as well as a local amature boxing event that drew in hundreds of onlookers. Great time and will be there again in 2009...YOU have the POWER! Special thanks to Joe Wheatley Productions and the Venice Papparazzi crew.

Reviewed by: Darren Rieck

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