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  • Night Time Formula:

    amino acids
    Dynamic Amino Acids
    120 caps & 825 mgs/cap
    H&F.com Price: $ 29.95

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    Product Description
    Use our Unique Trademarked Amino Acid Complex to Kick Start Your Weight Loss! Specifically formulated to include the highest quality amino acids that are derived from Whole Food Based products. Compare the ingredients to any Fat Burner on the market.L-Argenine; 1200 mgs. L-Lysine; 1200 mgs. L-Ornithine; 900 mgs. per suggested serving.

    Use Amino 120 for:

  • KickStart Weight Loss

  • Speeds Up Weight Loss

  • BodyBuilding Contests or Competitions

  • Natural No Carbs & No Fat

  • Easy Night Time Formula

    SPECIAL: Save on 2 Months!
  • Dynamic Amino 120™ Nightime Fat Burner:

    Dynamic Fitness Amino Acid 120™ contains higher concentrations of the quality amino acids that you seek.

    If you "look at food and gain weight", then this night time fat burner diet pill is for you to lose weight! Our fat burning amino acids supplement stimulates your body’s natural weight loss production for lean tissue, helping your body burn away fat more effectively at night & all day long! For the best results, take at night on an empty stomach while you sleep as a nite time fat burner! Supplement your diet with safe nutrition, natural amino acids to assist your weight loss program.

    Our unique Dynamic Amino 120 Formula™ is an all natural product that assists the body to increase the metabolism of fat for energy. This Amino Complex Formula combines the amino acids that cause the natural release of biologically active quantities of growth hormone to promote lean tissue formation. Our product assists your bodies' ability to effectively release hormones that build and repair muscle tissue, generally inactive when you sleep. By introducing these amino acids back into the system when they usually become dormant, increases the amount of fat being metabolized. Start Burning Fat!

  • Fat Burner Formula
    The Dynamic Amino Acid Formula is specially designed to increase the bodies ability to create lean muscle tissue which assists the metabolism of fat.

  • SPECIAL: Save on 2 Months!

  • L-Argenine; 1200 mgs.
  • L-Lysine; 1200 mgs.
  • L-Ornithine; 900 mgs.
    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 4 Caps
    Servings Per Container (30)

    Protein (as amino acids)
    3.5 gms
    1200 mgs.
    1200 mgs.
    900 mgs.

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
    Take 4 Capsules at bedtime on an empty stomach.
  • Stimulate Growth Hormone
    About 90 minutes after a person goes to sleep, the body naturally releases Growth Hormone to repair and build the body. Dynamic Amino Acid Formula helps stimulate this process and helps build muscle.

  • Enhances the Immune system. In addition to increasing lean body tissue and burning more fat, several of the amino acids included also enhance the bodies' immune system helping to fight off disease.

    RESEARCH & STUDIES: There are numerous studies covering the positive benefits and importance of amino acids to proper body functioning and optimized health.

  • DOSES & DIRECTIONS: Adults take 3-4 capsules with full glass of water. Best results occur when taken on an empty stomach (3 hours or more after the last meal) before bed. Improved results occur with proper nutrition and daily exercise.

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