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Let It Hit The Fan...It's Wednesday Again

Who would have thought it would come to this?
As it becomes so obvious people are so ruthless
The people? All people? No, it's just them
They are the one's who we condemn
Wow, it's Wednesday again!

They are full of it, you must admit
On TV, in traffic, headlines...I'm sick of it
And I blame them, I cannot pretend
Buck stops here is the message we must send.
Better notice, it's Wednesday again!

It keeps getting worse how far will it go?
'till it hits bottom, that's all I know
Reveal the wrongs before we can mend
These are the wounds we must tend
You know, it's Wednesday again!

Time is of the essence, as it moves fast
Before you know it another day has passed
Move swift and sure will make this end
Against those who feel rules should bend
Take note, it's Wednesday again!

Don't blame the carrier of the message of time
Not to notice it's speeding up is the crime
Initially it is difficult to comprehend
Your mind denies it as a gift to lend
Yes, you're right, it's Wednesday again!

So the time is right for you to be angry
Become empowered and a Consumer Vigilante!
New game, higher level...hit 'em in the back end
Power back to the people is what I contend
Oh me, Oh my, it's Wednesday again!

Consum'n' Being

Well I don't know, I usually take a latte,
No, no let's just drive, what d'ya say.
I traded the van for this SUV.
Lots'o' power & room, so you see
THAT thing! Just put it in the trash
I'll get another when I stop for cash.
Wait, did you see the show last night?
the Season Finale, nothing went right!
And then, oops hold on, it's my cell,
"Yes, Hello? What? ...oh, do tell,
me more, as I really want to know
as my life is always on the go.
Never a minute for a thing
not even to hear birds sing".
So forgive me please for I am only Human
And as I continue on, I am consum'n'.

Health Scientist & Environmental Specialist, Darren Rieck is
the Founder/Publisher of HEALTH and FITNESS .com,
Environmentalist , SecuredSHOPs , BioD , Author (25andUp.com and 30ways30days ) and writer. e-mail contact here

The Earth Is All That Will Remain

Wind, Snow, Heat & Rain, The Earth Is All That Will Remain
So let your journey be Rich with Life until the end
By leaving trails like extensions of a hand to lend.
For others to grasp, reaching to pull them through
Doing to others only as you would've done to you.
Each day moving you closer to better health
Unveiling with every step that this is truly wealth.
Being able to see and do more than ever before
As you walk, bike or scoot when exiting by door.
All Natural, Fresh and Pure guide the items you select
Farm raised and produced with no chemicals to detect.
And after your deeds are done, the Earth is what stays the same
Being able to be Proud as you pass it along is what you gain.
Wind, Snow, Heat & Rain, The Earth Is All That Will Remain

In my Car

Sitting in my car, not going far
There's a site, guy on a bike
Looks like fun, riding in the sun
No stops at all, while I sit in a crawl
This traffic…it makes me sick!
My trips getting longer & he's getting stronger
Moving so free… that could be me!

Oh, nice thought, this car…I just bought
What if I need to go to the mall or take a call?
What about sweat, surely then I'll regret
And another thing, what clothes would I bring?
With so much else to do, my life is just a zoo
Living this way, this is the price I pay
Sitting in my car, not going far

Circle of Life

For all that can be, really is round.
Sun, Earth, & Moon rotate around
with Water & Air cylinders spouting down
true too of the rhythmic beat of sound
and the distant lights of a city or town
where animals graze from the ground
above where you too shall be found
fuel for the soil upon now drowned
as the Circle of Life keeps going round.

Back Atch'ya

Can you go the extra mile?
To do one thing so very vital
Not to be hidden behind a file
Nor stuffed under some pile
Maybe on the phone, as you dial?
Or at least once in a while
Will you give the world a smile?

What Did I do Wrong?

To Whom It May Concern:
(I hope this won't be returned)
We have known each other for thousands of years.
Now I come to you eyes filled with tears
Stinging from colors you put in my sky
Clogging my lungs as they come to lie.
Causing temperature changes, first cold then hot
by clear-cutting my trees; where's the next spot?
This is getting me dizzy, now I'm starting to feel faint,
Drinking from rivers & lakes, with chemicals you did taint.
For so many years I thought we got along.
What happened? What did I do wrong?
Please, Please get this on time
Your precious resources are my vital signs.

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Health Scientist & Environmental Specialist, Darren Rieck is
the Founder/Publisher of HEALTH and FITNESS .com,
Environmentalist , SecuredSHOPs , BioD , Author (25andUp.com and 30ways30days ) and writer. e-mail contact here

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