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What are you Doing?

Millions of people from all over the world have witnessed the unique (Modeling? Dance?) performance of "The Venice Model", Darren Rieck. Now for the first time, we get to hear exactly what it is that he does on stage and why he does it. Here is part of a recent interview:

Photo: BA MacCormac
I: When did you start working on the Venice Beach Boardwalk?

D: "I began in the Summer of 1994".

I: How did you think to do this?

D: "I walked in the Titanic one day while at the Boardwalk, and some guy was standing in the window. I told the owner that "I could do that." And I started the next weekend".

I: So you started...What is it that you began doing?

D: "At first I either stood alone or me and a female model would stand like manikins. It was odd, but people stopped and watched. Waited to see if I was gunna move or twitch or somethin'. Lot of them tried to see if they could make me laugh."

I: I may be mistaken, but that isn't really what I've observed.

D: "No, no...I did change it. It

got old and the experience of getting up on a stage (which was one of my goals) was not enough. So I started experimenting".

I: OK. So...What are you doing now?

D: "To get to the point, I started writing a film where, in a nutshell, the main character is trying to get people to go to his website. One of the angles he comes up with is to create himself as this incredibly outrageous man on a stage. The idea is for him to be so far out there, whether you (the audience) are amazed by him or ashamed for him, you actually visit the website he promotes during the show.

When I came up with the concept for this character for my film, I realized that this is what I should really be doing anyway. It's like I have to live these characters to understand them. The Venice stage is where this particular character was born and continues to evolve each weekend. The audience just gets to see it happen".

I: Then, what is it the "character" is doing then?

D: "His mission is to seek out the bad people and defeat them in order to save the earth. He wins every battle, but takes some blows in the process...and then he dances after he wins!".

Or maybe, not. I might actually be doing something completely different. You decide.

Darren is currently seeking anyone wishing to help Executive Produce this movie. Feel free to email.

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