Kangoo Jumps are a Fun Rebounding Activity!

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B.S. Health Sciences
Environmental Specialist

University Of Cincinnati, Ohio
UC Santa Barbara, California

Publisher: HEALTHandFITNESS.com
Author: 30 Days to: Going Greener
Author: Integrative Fitness Lifestyle
Writer: Health, Fitness & Environment Articles

Darren Rieck is BioD!

Thank you for visiting my personal site!

Many folks who are familiar with my work have been introduced through my website HEALTHandFITNESS.com (since 1997) which has had an incredible amount of exposure over the years. As well as continuing to provide the health, fitness and wellness information on the site, my additional responsibilities are for the environment. Read through various Health, Fitness & Environmental Articles.

The outdoors are an integral part of my life and mean everything to me and my lifestyle...and I will do everything in my power to protect this interest. HEALTHandFITNESS.com provides the ability for me to follow this course and I appreciate your supporting the site through purchases, visiting our advertisers and passing this information along to your friends! Thanks to you, millions and millions of people all over the world have benefited from the information published on the site.

Environmental Editor

I have been writing & talking about protecting the environment all of my life, including a booklet of environmental poems I wrote in the 1990's. Now I have a section that addresses environmental health concerns while promoting environmental awareness.

My Book: Integrative Fitness Lifestyle

As I mentioned, all of my adult life has been a writing experience and the Internet has been a great tool to publish relevant information people can apply to improve their lives and life experience. It took me ten years, starting when I was 25 years old, but finally I finished the book (25andUp.com) and now I even make it available for free...less shipping and handling. Fitness is not a cakewalk in a modern existence and I definately do not paint a yellow brick road, yet instead introduce a realistic approach to being happy and healthy in a difficult era to accomplish this.

Web Shop: SecuredSHOPs

Over the years I have made many contacts in the health and fitness industry, several of which wanted me to model for their products when I was actively modeling. Instead, I decided to work with 3 product lines and promote/model for them. After all I have integrity and there was no way I was putting myself on a product endorsement that I didn't use or believe in! The web shop is growing slowly, because it is not my emphasis yet as we are creating content for our resource sites. If you want to discuss a product for our SecuredSHOPs, feel free to contact me.

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  • I also make natural, food based Dynamic Fitness Supplements available online.

  • Kangoo Jump Boots (KJ's) were introduced to me in Venice Beach. They are an incredible workout and absorb the shock when exercising instead of your knees and/or back. Rebound exercise has had extensive NASA research and the KJ's have my approval.

    Working Out: Muscle Beach, Venice California

    Not that I am a bodybuilder, but I do enjoy working out under the sunny skies of Southern California at Venice Muscle Beach after riding my bike along the ocean bike path from Redondo Beach. For over a decade I was a performer on the venice boardwalk as well and had a great time meeting incredible people having a blast! All good things come to an end, but now I am trying to use my time to make more of an impact with the videos leading people to improved lifestyle choices.

    Model Promotions: ATTN: All Female Fitness Models

    We are continually stepping up the program...Female Fitness Model Promotions from Venice Beach to all over California locations. We have the video and still camaras and professionals to make for some fun videos (cBioD at YouTube). We are continually looking for new ideas, doing ongoing promotions and filming all hot female fitness models who want to participate. Contact me for more info!

    I also like to have fun besides just working and promoting health. Here are some of my videos:

    Economic Deadbeats...US Healthcare System Review

    Female Model & BioD on the 30th Day

    BioD Saves the Planet in 30 Days

    I live in Redondo Beach, California and made this little video when the Pirates of the Carribean was in town. It is a little odd, but had fun with Part 1 and made a Part 2 after over 100,000 people viewed the first one!

    Part 1

    Part 2

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