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We have more health magazines, books, information, products & services than ever and turned changing your health & fitness into a multi-billion dollar industry today. This is because each day we are faced with stresses of job, traffic, bills, relationships, news and more...so much that it has taken a toll on our health and on our pocketbook!

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    We spend over 1/2 of our awake hours working at our jobs, including traveling to & from. We squeeze in a couple of hours for daily life matters, running errands and other chores. We are left with a couple of hours that we can spend relaxing with family, friends or by ourselves and that all too often does not include exercise or activity...Read More.

    Author: Darren Rieck

    Over 10,000 people (and growing) view Darren Rieck's work each day (HEALTHandFITNESS.com) and many millions more since he started online back in 1995.

    Modern Health Issues:
    1. Health Care Today:

    In a nutshell, our health care system was originally created to respond to diseases, sickness & accidents that in turn developed an economy that was based on supporting this system (doctors, technicians, support services, hospitals, insurance, ...etc.) who really benefit by you being sick or ill. Preventative health as a concept is so new, it doesn't fit into the existing economic business structure.

    2. Pharmaceuticals:

    More money is spent on the research and development of new drugs to lessen impacts of current symptoms of diseases & illnesses, then is spent to find ways to cure such problems. Drug companies make incredible amounts of money on these ongoing prescriptions (monthly checks paid by insurance companies) and developed marketing techniques to get media and doctors to promote these products through financial incentives.

    3. Media Influence:

    Our media sources (the ones that survived) are a business first and the bottom line for a newspaper, book publisher, magazine or TV is to sell advertising time. They are not interested in your health, but you being entertained by them and information they send out during programing cannot be adverse to their advertisers. This increases their advertising prices.

    Act Today and we will include:
  • H&F Report: Answers to the 10 Most FAQ Health & Fitness Questions
  • ...and also include Nearly 100 Healthy Recipes!

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  • Muscle & Fitness, Shape, Flex, Mens Fitness, The National Enquirer, Star & The Globe...are all the same company.
    "Do you really want your health & fitness information from tabloid news companies?"

  • Are you being failed by the Low Carb Diet or the latest fad diet craze?
    "Many people on my forum want to know why did the weight come back. It's the nature of diets, you lose at first and since the diet is a short-term concept, the weight most often comes back."

  • There are more Fitness Gurus & available Health information than ever before, yet the people are gaining unwanted weight.
    "It's not your fault as we have been misdirected and looking for answers in the wrong places. Mainstream information is at fault."

    Darren Rieck, Author

    Read from Others:
    "I never considered how much I impact my own well-being through my interactions with those around me and the suggestions for influencing these relationships are so very helpful!"
    Raechel F., Santa Monica, CA
    " The idea that Darren works with an expert panel and that professional support is available on the site, make the book more than just a book, but a reliable & helpful service. "
    Barbara Balle, RN, Culver City, CA
    "I met you in Venice Beach and found out you wrote a book. I was impressed with the web site, but bought the book for kicks more than anything else. Very Helpful, I have never felt such a grasp on what really is important and I am slowly losing my beer belly!"
    Jon Bustos, CT. ARRT., Hermosa Beach, CA
    " If you value the time that you spend towards becoming more healthy, this book is a must read."
    Dr. Giovanni Silva, Huntington Beach, CA
  • This Healthy Lifestyle Book is Your Guide:
  • Guide to Better Health
  • Reveals a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Become Less Sick & Less Ill
  • Feel Positively Charged
  • Improved Daily Moods
  • Lose Extra Weight
  • And Keeping It Off
  • Beginner Workout Programs
  • Advanced Weight Training
  • Wash-Board Abs Program
  • Body Sculpting
  • Healthy Eating Tips
  • Everyday Living Concepts
  • Keeping Motivated
  • Table of Contents

    PART 1. Health is When not If

    Your health will be an issue at some point in your life & you should begin your illness prevention now.
    PART 2.
    Adapting the Mindset
    Preparing yourself to understand how to be your best health assett.
    PART 3.
    Integrate Fitness
    Finding more ways to increase your daily activity.
    PART 4.
    Influencing the Diet
    Information to assist you to improve your diet.
    PART 5.
    Putting It Together
    Making health, fitness & illness prevention happen.
    PART 6.

    -Work Out Programs

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